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P.O. Box 35710
+260 211 380000

The Zambia Revenue Authority is a corporate body established by the Zambia Revenue Authority Act, Chapter 321 of the Laws of Zambia. It was established on 1st April, 1994 with the core mandate to timely collect revenue on behalf of the Government
of the Republic of Zambia under the supervision of the Minister of Finance and National Planning. The specific functions of the Authority are to:

1. Properly assess and collect taxes,
duties, levies and fees at the right
2. Ensure that all monies collected are
properly accounted for and banked;
3. Properly enforce all relevant legislation
and administrative provisions;
4. Provide revenue and trade statistics to
the Government;
5. Give advice on tax policy to
Government; and
6. Facilitate international trade.
Pay your taxes on time to contribute to
Zambia’s development