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Synergy Seeds is a Zambian owned company, and we are leaders in seed breeding, production, and marketing of robust Maize hybrids, soya beans, and wheat seed. Our block buster Maize hybrids are suitable for all the three agro ecological regions of Zambia. Our Maize hybrids in the medium maturity range include SY 6250, SY 6444, and MRI 624. Our Maize hybrids in the early maturity range include SY 5944, SY 5054, MRI 514, and SY 4052 which perform extremely well in low rainfall areas. On the legumes, we have Dina soya beans, a 4.5MTs per Ha high yielding variety with excellent tolerance to shattering and acidic soils, high protein, and oil content. Our wheat varieties average 9MTs per Ha with good baking quality and tolerant to diseases. We distribute our seeds through a channel of 300 SMEs known as agro dealers/stockists across the country. Farmers can access our products anywhere in the country at the recommended retail price. In bridging the knowledge gap, our sales and marketing team dotted across the country train farmers on good agronomic practices, to enable farmers to attain the much-desired yields. As Synergy, we are also involved in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Synergy “keeping You On Top Of The Yield Curve” A Good Farmer Knows… The Seed That Yields!